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Wedding Desserts

Wedding Dessert Table Set Up 1

Wedding Dessert Table Set Up 2

Wedding Dessert Table Set Up 3

Variety Bite Size Wedding Desserts

Sliced Cake and Wedding Cake Display

Sheet Cake Line Up

Rosettes and Roses Cupcakes

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes 1

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes 2

Mini Cupcake Variety Set Up with Cake

Mini Cupcake Dessert Table

Mini Carrot Cupcakes

Lemon, Reese's, & Almond Cupcakes

Individual Chocolate Ganache Cakes with Berries

Decorated Sugar Cookies 1

Decorated Sugar Cookies 2

Cupcake Variety with Tiered Wedding Cake

Cupcake & Cake Tower

Chocolate with Initial Sheet Cake

Chocolate & Almond Cupcakes

Champagne Sheet Cake

Cake Table Set Up 1

Cake Table Set Up 2

Almond Decorated with Hearts Sheet Cake

Carrot Sheetcake

Wedding Cake Balls 1

Wedding Cake Balls 2

Wedding Cake Balls 3

Wedding Cake Balls 4

Wedding Cake Balls 5

Wedding Cake Balls 6

Wedding Cake Balls 7